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Little Gasparilla Island Community Plan

  • 6.

    Infrastructure Element

    • 6.1

      Current Conditions Summary

Infrastructure on Little Gasparilla Island is limited. Potable water is obtained through private wells, cisterns, or the island’s water treatment plant. According to the property appraiser’s records, the water treatment plant serves the 132 condo units as well as an additional 113 dwelling units (Figure 11).

Wastewater in the condominiums is treated; the sludge is transported off the island periodically. All other dwellings rely on septic tanks for wastewater disposal and treatment.

Each household is responsible for disposing of its solid waste. Residents transport waste to the mainland and deposit it at the nearest available waste disposal site.

The County supplied the LGI Advisory Committee with the results of an evaluation regarding the feasibility of connecting Little Gasparilla Island to the County water supply system. According to the study (Conceptual Implementation Plan Barrier Islands Utility Service, dated October 2004), a 2 inch subaqueous waterline to Don Pedro State Park is insufficient to provide adequate service to Little Gasparilla Island. The study states that it would cost approximately $1.2 million to increase the pipe size to 10 inches.

6.2 Analysis of Community Needs

The community desires a reliable source of drinking water and a safe method of disposing and treating wastewater. They recognize the logistic and economic constraints that prevent the establishment of a centralized waste disposal and collection system for the island, but would like to explore potential options.

While the public perception regarding water quality in the surrounding marine environment is unfavorable, there is no data to evaluate the actual status of water quality. The community wants to know the current levels of water quality.

6.3 Goals, Policies and Objectives

Goal 7. Maintain efficiency and effectiveness of the provisions of potable water.

Objective 7.1. Charlotte County supports the efforts of the Little Gasparilla Island community to monitor and evaluate the quality and quantity of the potable water supply for Little Gasparilla Island.

Policy 7.1.1. The LGI Advisory Committee will coordinate with the Department of Environmental Protection and the State Department of Health.

Citizens of Little Gasparilla Island


LGI Advisory Committee

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