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Little Gasparilla Island Community Plan

  • 7.

    Community Facilities and Services Elements

    • 7.1

      Current Conditions Summary

Currently Little Gasparilla has limited or no community facilities and services. This issue was repeatedly raised during the community planning workshops and identified in reports generated by the LGI Advisory Committee. There is a privately owned church that serves as a meeting place for the residents. Other than the church there are no community facilities. There is a small library, that operates on an honor system, attached to a home owned by a stakeholder.

Little Gasparilla has a private funded island Fire and Rescue service that operates as a member owned non-profit organization. The volunteer Fire and EMS is a 501(c)3. The equipment is owned by the corporation and the current fees are $100/house or $25/lot for membership. Currently approximately 250 of the islands 700 property owners are members. The Fire and Rescue service receives donations from the island residents and some help from the Charlotte County Fire Department.

All 911 calls for the island are handled as part of an agreement between the Little Gasparilla Island rescuers and Charlotte County EMS. All residents are requested to call 911 if an emergency occurs. The fire rescue volunteers respond to all 911 calls. For medical calls the Charlotte County fire department sends a County Marine Boat to transport the injured party to the mainland and then the hospital. According to the Fire Chief, due to the limited water supply, when there is a fire on the island, water is used to prevent the fire from spreading rather than fully extinguishing the fire.

7.2 Analysis of Community Needs

Based upon the community workshops and discussions with Little Gasparilla Island stakeholders, the community feels they need a small county owned lot that would provide a dock area, mosquito control, community facilities and trash removal area (Figure 12). A study should be conducted to determine the best suitable location for the lot.

7.3 Goals, Policies and Objectives

Goal 10. Enhance the capability of Fire/EMS services provided to the island.

Objective 10.1. Delineate geographic location for additional Fire/EMS services.

Policy 10.1.1. The preferred site would have frontage or access to the water, likely on the bay side of the island; be centrally located to facilitate access by all island residents and visitors; and should be of sufficient size to accommodate emergency equipment storage, temporary living quarters, a community activity building, and other elements that may be desired by the community.

Objective 10.2. Charlotte County will work with the LGI Advisory Committee to explore ways to enhance the level of police patrolling and improve the response time for emergency calls.

Citizens of Little Gasparilla Island


LGI Advisory Committee

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