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Land use planning. All available planning and zoning devices, such as the transfer of development rights to the mainland, should be used to reduce the number of existing platted lots that are substantially less than one acre in size. Lot owners should be encouraged to combine two or more smaller lots into re- platted single lots closer to one acre in size. The possibility of purchasing smaller lots for combination into larger lots for re-platting and resale should be explored. . Owners of undeveloped tracts should be encouraged to donate title or conservation easements to appropriate entities for preservation of natural open space. The possibility of joint efforts with land owners, preservation trust organizations, Charlotte County and funding agencies to purchase undeveloped land for transfer to preservation trusts to maintain undeveloped natural open space should be investigated

An estimate should be made of the rate at which vacant lots will be developed and the number of residences that will exist at complete build out of the island. These estimates should inform and guide all planning for public facilities and for necessary county services.

3. Access to the island. Installation of the channel markers for the access channel to the middle and north end of LGI already approved by the FWC should be expedited. As soon as the county receives notice from the FWC that work has begun on the rule change process to allow the addition of a south fork to the already approved channel to serve the south end of LGI, the county should move quickly to appoint the necessary local review committee and otherwise expedite its part of the rule change process as much as possible. When that process ultimately produces an FWC rule change allowing the addition of a south fork to the access channel, the county should expedite the process of obtaining channel marker permits from the DEP and from the Office of Boating Safety, and should expedite the installation of the channel markers for the south fork.

The county should investigate ways to establish facilities on the mainland and on the island to facilitate transportation back and forth between the island and the mainland. These facilities should accommodate private boats, barge transportation of bulk items, transport of emergency equipment and personnel, and car and boat trailer parking on the mainland. Such facilities might be financed and maintained by a system of user fees.

4. Roadway easements. All roadways on the island should be maintained as sand and shell pathways for golf cart usage. Use by vehicles larger


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