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Little Gasparilla Island Community Plan

The LGI Advisory Committee then expanded the list provided by the LGPOA and provided a summary of issues and considerations to be addressed in the Community Plan. This summary was used to create the Request for Letters of Interest (RLI). A RLI outlines the scope of services the consultant is asked to perform. A consultant was retained in September 2005.

1.4 Current Conditions

Little Gasparilla Island is a bridgeless barrier island located off Florida’s west coast in Charlotte County (Figure 2). It is the southernmost island of the chain formed by Don Pedro, Palm Island and Little Gasparilla Island. Little Gasparilla Island is approximately 2.5 miles in length and averages between ¼ and ½ mile in width. The island has access to both the Gulf of Mexico and Placida Harbor. The island is physically connected to Don Pedro Island to the north; however, the Don Pedro State Park serves as a buffer that only allows for pedestrian access. Therefore, Little Gasparilla Island is accessible only by watercraft and emergency vehicles (such as All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) that are utilized by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Department).

All parcels on Little Gasparilla Island are privately owned. There are 642 platted lots ranging in size from one-tenth of an acre to 13.6 acres. There are two condominium developments on the island: Placida Beach Condos and Hideaway Bay Condos. Placida Beach Condos have 30 single-family residential units and Hideaway Bay Condos have 102 single-family residential units. The majority of the island is single-family residential; 10 parcels are zoned Planned Development. Little Gasparilla Island is located outside the Urban Service Area. There are no public lands or facilities on the island with the possible exception of roads which may or may not be considered to be public. Vehicular and pedestrian access is limited to a network of unimproved paths. Docks on the island are owned by individual waterfront property owners, property owner associations, neighborhood groups or the two condo associations.

Infrastructure and public facilities are limited on the island. Florida Power and Light provides electricity and Sprint provides phone service. Potable and non-potable water is provided by individual cisterns, shallow wells and a privately owned for-profit water company that utilizes a deep drilled well to provide water. The Little Gasparilla Island Water Utility has a reverse osmosis desalinization plant. Wastewater from single-family units is disposed of in septic tanks and drain fields located on individual lots. The condominiums have a single wastewater treatment system.

Emergency and medical services are provided by the volunteer fire department located on the island. Fire protection for the island is provided by a subsidized chief who resides on the island. The fire services are funded by contributions from island residents. Law enforcement is provided by the Charlotte County Sheriff’s department. Amenities on the island include the Leydon-Mirza Chapel. A stakeholder maintains a common-use library on the island that is free to all islanders.

Citizens of Little Gasparilla Island


LGI Advisory Committee

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