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Q.35:- In the circuit shown in figure,= 10 micro-amperes. The value of resistance is

(a) 1 kilo-ohm                    

(b) 10 kilo-ohm

(c) 100 kilo-ohm

(d) 1 Mega-ohm

Q.36:-The equation of a plane wave may be written as (with) usual symbols









Q.37:- A single-phase voltage source square-wave inverter feeds pure inductive load. The waveform of the load current will be

(a) Sinusoidal(b) rectangular(c) trapezoidal(d) triangular

Q.38:- A 35V dc supply is connected across a resistance of 600 ohm in series with an unknown resistance. A voltmeter having a resistance of 1.2 k-ohms reads 5V. The value of resistance will be

(a) 120 ohm(b) 400 ohm(c) 1.8 k-ohm(d) 2.4 k-ohm

Q.39:- When a unit-step input is applied, a second order under damped system has a peak overshoot of OP occurring at  If another step input equal in magnitude to the peak overshoot OP is applied at. t =then the system will settle down at

(a) 1 + OP(b) 1 – OP(c) OP(d) 1.0

Q.40:- Let R be a symmetric and transitive relation on a set A. Then


R is reflexive and hence an equivalence relation


R is reflexive and hence a partial order


R is not reflexive and hence not a an equivalence relation


None of the above.

Q.41:- In a bipolar transistor at room temperature, If the emitter current is doubled, the voltage across its base-emitter junction

(a) Doubles(b) halves(c) increases by about 20 mV(d) decreases by about 20 mV

Q.42:- layer has maximum ionic density of 3.5 x  electrons per cc. The critical frequency for this layer will be

(a) 1.68 MHz(b) 400 MHz(c) 400 KHz(d) 40 KHz

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