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3:- (a) Load voltage   =   

= E    = Ef

There are two ways to vary  either by varying f or. Here frequency is fixed and  is varied. As the frequency is kept constant ripple remains constant.

4:- (a) Amplitude of the signal is   = 15 V.

   rms value is   = 10.6 V.

5:- (d) Execution of a program by a computer is an example of an open-loop system.

6:- (b) It can be proved by induction that a strictly binary tree with ‘n’ leaf nodes will have a total number of 2n-1 nodes. So number of non-leaf nodes is (2n-1) –n = n-1.

7:- (c) 1.O V

8:- (c) Certain crystals such as zinc sulphide, sodium iodide, antracene and naphthalene, etc. produce a brief flash of light each time they are struck by an alpha or beta or gamma particles. The production of a flash of light by striking the crystals mentioned above, with alpha, beta or gamma rays, is called scintillation.

9:- (c) Stack works on the principle of LIFO.

10:- (b) the cost of an induction motor increase disproportionately in high H.P. range and also as operating speed reduces. It is, therefore, in this range where the cost of the two machines is comparable.

11:- (c) “An electromotive force results from a difference of temperature between two junctions of dissimilar metals in the same circuit.”

This effect was first noted by Thomas Johanna See back. The difference of electric potential which results from the difference in junction on temperatures is dependent upon the metals used, the temperatures of the junction, and the intimacy of contact between the two metals. Such a

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