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Governor’s Pollution Prevention Award, 1998 Recipient

paint overspray, and waste cleanup and flushing solvent.

Pollution Prevention Activities

The MMP Paint Department implemented a production process redesign which replaced a solvent-based paint coating line for motorcycle and utility vehicle frames and fuel tanks with a powder coat painting system. The powder coat process improved the production efficiency of the coating line which significantly reduced both air emissions and waste generation. This project was voluntary and not required by any current regulations or permits.

The solvent-borne coatings historically used to coat metal motorcycle and utility vehicle frames and gasoline tanks had volatile organic compound (VOC) contents ranging from four pounds to seven pounds per gallon. These coatings typically included solvents such as methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), toluene, xylene, and glycol ethers. Approximately 0.17 gallons per unit was used. Purge solvent, contain- ing n-butyl acetate, methyl amyl ketone (MAK) and n- butanol, was used to clean the

paint distribution system and spray equipment during color changes and for equipment clean up at the end of the shift. The coatings were applied using electrostatic application in coating booths. Water curtains in the booth were used to collect paint overspray. The wastewater flowed to a treatment pit where chemicals were added to detactify the paint solids and cause them to float to the surface for collection. The solids were filtered to remove the excess water and landfilled. Finally, the coated parts were cured in a natural gas fired oven.

The solvent borne coating process was replaced with a powder coating booth. Pow- der coating is applied to each motorcycle frame and gaso- line tank. Powder coat is recyclable and contains no hazardous air pollutants. The parts are then baked in a natural gas fired oven. The system was installed in July, 1997.

Ohio Prevention First

Honda of America, Marysville Motorcycle Plant is an active participant in the Ohio Pre- vention First initiative, which provides an important oppor-

tunity for business and indus- try to take a leadership role in environmental protection without additional regulatory demands.

Environmental Ben- efits

This project helps protect the environment by reducing VOC and SARA emissions, eliminating purge solvent waste generation, and elimi- nating paint sludge waste generation.

Replacement of the solvent- borne coating significantly reduced VOC and SARA emissions. This reduction was due to the elimination of solvent-borne paints and purge solvent used to clean paint delivery systems. Total VOC emissions from the coating operation were re- duced by 26.1 tons in 1997 and are projected to be re- duced by 52 tons in 1998, the first full year of operation. SARA emissions were re- duced by 7.8 tons in 1997 and are projected to be reduced by 16.5 tons in 1998. The new powder coat process elimi- nated the use of purge solvent. This resulted in a reduction in purge solvent usage of ap- proximately 1,300 gallons/ year and a reduction in related


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