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Honda of America Mfg., Inc.

waste purge solvent genera- tion.

With the electrostatic solvent- borne coating application, about 75 percent of the paint solids do not get on the part being coated. Water was used to capture the paint overspray to prevent the discharge of particulates. The paint solids were treated with chemicals for detactification, captured, filtered and shipped to a landfill for disposal. With the powder coat process, 98 percent of the material is utilized in the paint booth. To accomplish this, approxi- mately 60 percent of the powder sprayed actually remains on the part, and most of the remaining material is reused in the process. This has eliminated the generation of paint sludge from this process.

With the help of the powder coat process at MMP, Honda of America exceeded its Ohio Prevention First initiative goal two years ahead of schedule. In 1993, Honda set a goal of 115.4 pounds per auto unit produced for the year 2000. Actual releases for 1997 were 86.8 pounds per auto unit.

Health and Safety Benefits

The health benefits to the MMP associates result from reduced exposure to hazard- ous chemicals contained in the paints and cleaning sol- vent previously used.

Safety benefits result from the elimination of the manual grounding process required for electrostatic painting to eliminate the potential risk of sparking, which could cause a fire within the paint booth, and reduced handling of hazardous materials. The powder coating process includes automatic grounding which prevents the risk of a spark and significantly re- duces the risk of a fire.

Management Commit- ment

The MMP environmental policy emphasizes Honda’s commitment to pollution prevention and acknowledges the importance of voluntary commitments such as the Ohio Prevention First initia- tive. All associates at MMP are made aware to the policy through periodic awareness training and communication activities. MMP management encourages its production

associates to look for pollu- tion prevention opportunities through Suggestion System programs.

MMP management has also demonstrated its commitment to pollution prevention by achieving ISO 14001 certifi- cation.


Powder coat is an evolving technology in the motorcycle industry. It has previously been used by competitors for clear coat applications on metal gasoline tanks. Cus- tomers purchasing a motor- cycle have very high paint quality expectations. Any coating process must meet these quality specifications. This requirement makes it difficult to compare a motor- cycle powder coating applica- tion to an application in a different manufacturing segment.

To promote this application to the public, Honda has pub- lished a news article in its company magazine called the Wing. The Wing is mailed to all associates and available in the plant lobbies for visitors. Honda also sponsors an annual environmental confer- ence for its suppliers. At this


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