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Step 3.Parent Invitation and Meeting Arranged

The SST Coordinator invites the parent(s), student, core team members, and other resource persons who are deemed as important extended team members for the student. The teacher may invite the parent, if that is determined to be more appropriate.  The coordinator requests that participants gather relevant information, records of student performance, and so forth (see coordinator's responsibilities above).

Step 4.Team Meets and Follow-Up Date is Set 

The team meets using a structured format that parallels the columns of the Student Study Team Summary format. The SST Summary format is very useful in systematically guiding the team to (in this order):

1)  identify student strengths;

2)identify concerns (note that this is out of order on the SST Summary form;

3) identify known information about the student's history and performance;

4) identify known modification tried in the past (by the current and past teachers) that were success (place a /+/ next to the modification) and/or unsuccessful (place a /-/ next to the modification);

5) brainstorm possible interventions and strategies;

6)select actions to be taken from the brainstormed list;

7)assign at least one person to be responsible for each action;

8) determine a specific date by which each action will be initiated and complete; and

9) setting a follow-up meeting between three and six weeks from the date of the current SST meeting.

Questions that come up that cannot be answered at the meeting (e.g., ruling out the possibility of AD/HD through a medical diagnosis) are recorded as they arise in the Questions column.  This acknowledges the concern and provides a record of the concern, which may be further examined outside of the meeting.

It is a best practice to involve a student if the family and team feel it is appropriate.  As a general rule of thumb, students in 3rd or 4th grade and above are considered old enough to participate in an SST.  Participation, of course, is up to the discretion of the team.

EDMS 512, Hood

Summer 2006

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