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Each school in California has also developed or adopted a number of forms that are used by the team to ensure that the necessary information that is needed is gathered and communicated.  Among the forms used generally include the following:

Documentation of Modifications form for documenting exactly what changes have been tried and the results of the modifications.  The modifications may be to the environment (e.g., seating arrangement, change in class schedule), curriculum and instruction (e.g., shorter assignments, tutoring, large print), or behavior supports (e.g., contracts, daily reports, parent contact).  The form may be used to document interventions made prior to a student's referral to the SST. It may also be used to document interventions suggested by and carried out by members of the SST.

SST Referral form, indicating the reason for referral, background information such as the prior support services provided, social service agency involvement, language spoken in the home, and known health issues.

Teacher Notification of SST Meeting form, identifying the student, area(s) of concern, and meeting time, location, and date.

SST Summary form, used for summarizing meeting notes such as the one used in this course.

One of your professional responsibilities as an educator is to know your support resources and how to access them.  When you begin student teaching, and then when you become a teacher, you will need to know everything about your school's Student Study Team. You will find out who chairs/facilitates your SST, who else is on the “core” team, how team membership is determined (e.g., elected, appointed), when and how often the team meets, and how successful the SST process has been at avoiding special education referrals. You will locate and keep in your professional files the forms used to communicate information, document outcomes, and monitor interventions. Finally, you will use the SST process when you have been unsuccessful in problem solving on your own for a particular student.  

**FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT: Prepare a “Tips for Teachers” Handout - a handout for educators who will use this as a reference when working with a child with this specific disability.  The summary should include the definition of the disability, typical learning and social behaviors of a student with this disability, and helpful tips to support inclusion of the student in the general education classroom. It can take the form of an outline, a concept map, or any other effective graphic organizer. Use of bullets is suggested.

EDMS 512, Hood

Summer 2006

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