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#1: “Family-written" profile of a child with a disability in "voice” of concerned parents and/or family members (@ 3-5 pp.):  

Describe your child’s personality and strengths.

Provide a complete description of his/her disability with attention to the development of his/her multiple intelligences.

Describe the potential implication of his/her disability on her physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Describe the impact of his/her disability on the family.  

#2: A profile of the services and support needs for the child and the family (@3-5 pp.):

What are key features of nondiscriminatory evaluation for the child's IEP eligibility?

What helps this child learn best?

How are social relationships with peers best fostered?

What are some central inclusion issues and “hot inclusion tips?"

What special education and/or related professionals are needed for support?

What are key issues for the professionals who support your child?

Of the program options discussed in class, what are your dreams for educational services for the preschool,    elementary, and secondary years?

What are your nightmares or fears for your child with regard to schooling?

What are your dreams for post-secondary adult life employment, education, and independent living?

#3. A list of primary references you and your team used to complete the assignment (@ 1-2 pp.).

     #4. A summary of the disability entitled "Tips for Teachers." (@1-2 pp. max.)

This should be in the form of a handout for educators who will use this as a reference when working with a child with this specific disability.  The summary should include the definition of the disability, typical learning and social behaviors of a student with this disability, and helpful tips to support inclusion of the student in the general education classroom. It can take the form of an outline, a concept map, or any other effective graphic organizer. Use of bullets is suggested.

EDMS 512, Hood

Summer 2006

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