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About Posting Evidence for TPEs in TaskStream…

It is important to recognize that the TPEs are threaded throughout your credential program, and are addressed multiple times in each course. Even though we are referencing and seeking to understand several TPEs in this course, you are specifically responsible for writing a reflective statement for TPE 6d, 8, & 10 in the electronic portfolio in TaskStream.

Each assigned response will relate to course assignments, discussions, and/or readings that provide a deeper understanding of the specified TPE. As you write, the goal is to

describe your learning as it relates to the TPE,

analyze artifacts (assignments) and explain how they are evidence of your learning, and

reflect on the significance of your learning (the “so what”) and where you need to go next related to the TPE.

A three- to four-paragraph structure will help you develop your response. You must attach at least one artifact to each TPE response, but can attach others as well.

1st paragraph: Introduction to your response that uses the words of the TPE.  DO NOT restate the TPE; instead, introduce the reader to the focus of your response as it relates to the TPE. This is basically an extended thesis statement related to the TPE.  

2nd paragraph: Explain how one attached artifact is evidence of your learning related to the TPE.  The key here is “evidence.”  How does this artifact prove that you have learned something specific related to this TPE?

3rd paragraph: Reflect upon and summarize the significance of your learning overall (connected to the TPE) and explain what you still need to learn related to this TPE.  This addresses the “so what?” of your learning.

Please be succinct in your writing; more is NOT better.  State your ideas clearly and keep them grounded in the evidence of your learning as represented by your artifacts. When you submit each TPE response, you will receive feedback from the instructor that asks for revision or says that you are done. You will not get full credit for this assignment if you are asked to revise and you do not.  Please continue to check your TaskStream portfolio until the instructor says you are done with each TPE response for the course.  More details about using TaskStream will be given in class and can be found on TaskStream.

EDMS 512, Hood

Summer 2006

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