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(Approved by CCTC in SB 2042 Program Standards, August 2002)

Special Education

Consistent with the intent to offer a seamless teaching credential in the College of Education, this course will demonstrate the collaborative infusion of special education competencies that reflect inclusive educational practices.


This course infuses technology competencies to prepare candidates to use technologies, emphasizing their use in both teaching practice and student learning. Candidates are expected to use technology as part of their professional practice, as well as to research the topics discussed in this course.

Visual and Performing Arts

This course infuses and integrates the California Visual and Performing Arts Standards to prepare candidates for presenting content to K-12 learners through music, visual arts, theater, and dance.

Accommodation for Disabilities

Students requiring reasonable accommodations need to contact Disabled Student Services in order to make the necessary arrangements. Please also discuss your needs with the instructor within the first week of the semester. Disabled Student Services is located in Craven Hall 5025a, and can be reached by telephone at (760) 750-4905 or (760) 750-4909 (TDD users).

COE Attendance Policy

Due to the dynamic and interactive nature of courses in the College of Education, and the value placed on the contributions of every student, all students are expected to prepare for, attend, and actively participate in all class sessions. At a minimum, students must attend more than 80% of class time, or s/he may not receive a passing grade for the course at the discretion of the instructor. Individual instructors may adopt more stringent attendance requirements. Should the student have extenuating circumstances, s/he should contact the instructor as soon as possible.

WebCT Online Course Supplement Attendance and Participation

EDMS 512, Hood

Summer 2006

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