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"Just park and come to the office," Arline shouts through the intercom system. The gate slides open slowly. I'm no more than a few yards inside when I begin to see bodies - fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, short ones, tan ones - walking around. Some wear hats. All wear shoes. None wear clothes. Inside the makeshift office, Arline sits behind a desk checking in a couple of first-time visitors. I quietly marvel at her efficiency as she fills out the paperwork and explains the club rules. She's warm. She's friendly. She's buck naked. "We're a family nude resort," she says. "We have two big rules: no open sex and no body piercing below the navel." Arline and the visitors, a 40-ish husband and wife from Collinsville, get to talking about the appeal of nudism. The husband jokes that he would mow the lawn nude if he weren't worried about the neighbors calling the police. Clothing is restrictive, he says. His wife, on the other hand, confesses apprehension. She's had children and surgeries and says her body isn't what it once was. "Whose is?" Arline quips back. "Honey, when you start walking around here you're going to see what I mean. There are no perfect 10s. We're all shapes and sizes." Arline says she had the same concerns when she and her husband joined three years ago. It had been her husband's idea. The first time, it took her a good hour to emerge from her camper nude, and even then she used a towel to cover the essentials. But being around other nudists made her feel more comfortable, especially when she realized her body was no better, no worse, than many others. "Some people hear nudist community and they immediately think we're out here having orgies. Nothing could be further from the truth," says Arline, who sports a butterfly tattoo over her left breast and is in her mid-'50s. "We are a family nude resort, not a swinger's club. Most of us are married or part of a couple. There are children here. Our atmosphere is wholesome and friendly. "Nudism is not a sexual thing," Arline continues. "It's about relaxation and feeling free and positive. It's actually quite a good selfesteem builder." "We're nudists, not idiots" The Forty Acre Club gets its name from its size. It's a 40-acre spread of rustic cabins, campers, trailers and RVs tucked into the woods. It offers amenities such as a large, in-ground swimming pool and sundeck, tennis/volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and shuffleboard. There's also a small fishing lake, shaded hiking trails and a children's playground, as well as a homey clubhouse with TV, stereo, VCR and pool table.

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