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Four no-frills motel units rent for $20 or $25 a night. Bathrooms and showers are centrally located in separate quarters. There's no restaurant on the property, but barbecue grills, a full kitchen and microwaves are available to members and guests. The majority of members come only on weekends but the resort is open year-round and many take advantage of that. Kitty Colligan is one of 10 households that are permanent residents. Most members go by their first names; in fact, that's pretty much club policy. But Colligan has no problem supplying her full name. "I've got nothing to hide," she says, taking a breather from the sun in the air-conditioned office. "Nudism is something I'm comfortable with. It's been part of my lifestyle for 30 years." That wasn't always the case. When Colligan and her friend, John, joined Forty Acre in 1972, they were the first unmarried couple to do so. Like many members, they were introduced to the club by friends. "I was in my late 30s and a little leery of the whole thing," says Colligan, now 66. "But then I met another couple who were raising their children out here. I thought, 'If it's safe enough for children, why shouldn't I feel safe?' It also helped that everyone was so friendly and welcoming." When Colligan retired last year - she had worked at Deaconess Hospital and Schnucks - she moved to Forty Acre full time. John had built a log cabin on the property, but since he's more of a city dweller, he comes on weekends. "I told him, you build it, I'll live in it," says Colligan. Her front porch is handsomely decorated. She's landscaped the place with flowers, plants and a rock garden. Last winter was the first one she spent at Forty Acre and she loved it.  Joyce, the club's entertainment chairman, throws great parties throughout the year. Like many club members, Arline and her husband make the three-hour trek each way from Springfield, Ill., most every weekend. "The roads have to be impassable for us not to come," Arline says. "We have great times out here in the winter." Over the years, Colligan has answered dozens of queries from friends, family and co-workers whom she's told about the nudist resort. Since she started living there year-round, the big question is whether she walks around naked in the middle of winter. "We're nudists, not idiots. If it's cold, we wear clothes," she says. "There are certain things I do with my clothes on no matter what the weather is. Weed-whacking. Working in the garden. Sometimes I'll cook in the nude. But I do so very carefully." Naked truth "Who's hungry?" asks Barb. She brings a large Tupperware container filled with warmed-up pasta to the table where a handful of club members are seated. Of course everyone is nude. But everyone is also sitting on a towel - a club requirement to keep things sanitary.

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