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Case in point 6—The “Rock with Rolls” promotion at The MobileStore In order to increase its reach and penetration and take the “brand

Best-in-class telecom experiences for consumers

Factors for success

  • Campaign centered around consistent theme of the telecom retailer’s commitment to provide consumers with a rich and meaningful in-store experience

  • Unique campaign created buzz, media awareness, excitement and consumer interest

  • Campaign helped link best-in-class service with The MobileStore

  • Extensive consumer involvement

across households in the country,” The MobileStore (TMS) embarked upon a two-year long unique and exciting marketing campaign that involved the luxury automotive brand, Rolls Royce. Referred to as the Rolls Royce Promotion, this innovative marketing and branding campaign conveyed TMS’s promise to consumers that they will enjoy a “best in class” telecom shopping experience and be made to “feel like a king” at TMS outlets. A Rolls Royce that was painted in the TMS colours of red and white was driven around stores in 50 cities. Mumbai was the first city to experience the Rolls Royce, followed by Ahmedabad, Delhi, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Pune, etc.

The use of Rolls Royce was based on TMS’s effort to reach young and aspiring Indian consumers who are demanding more premium mobile services. The use of the Rolls Royce, an icon for customised luxury, was to link TMS to the high-end automobile, propagating the consistent message that products and services associated with the chain are the best.

As TMS’ Rolls Royce cruised from one city to another on a pre- defined route, it enabled Indian consumers to touch, feel and experience the TMS brand. As part of this, TMS wanted to reach and engage as many people as possible to let them near the car.

  • Consumers were able to get a chance to touch, feel and get a ride in the Rolls Royce.

  • Consumers received free Value Added Services coupons and other freebies to be redeemed at stores.

  • TMS also held a “Rock with Rolls” contest in which consumers who made purchases at TMS during the period that the Rolls was in their city, were able to complete a lucky draw coupon and stand a chance to win a “Lunch n Ride” in the Rolls. This entitled the winner to go for a lunch date in the Rolls Royce!

The impact of this campaign was manifold—

  • The campaign increased visibility for the TMS stores since over 200,000 people received a free ride in the car, giving consumers a once in a lifetime experience. These 200,000 people have shared their experience with thousands more through word-of- mouth, etc.

  • India’s leading national publications covered the promotion proving TMS with further awareness and buzz. Quality coverage with photographs of the Rolls Royce and celebrities were published in newspapers wherever the promotion went, generating a huge mileage for the Brand.

(Source: Primary research interview with The Mobile Store)



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