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Case in point 8—Build

Private labels in personal care, food and beverages, and health and wellness categories

Factors for success

  • Determining parameters for creation (eg., margin, quality, depth, etc.)

  • Maintaining control over formulation

  • Identifying new

product lines

ing private label portfolios at Guardian Lifecare

As part of its private label strategy, Guardian Lifecare first identified categories that it would establish private labels in, such as--

  • Ayurvedic juices

  • Baby care

  • Health and wellness products

  • Personal care

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Feminine hygiene

  • Men’s grooming

  • Mineral water

  • Weight loss

During the process of launching private label products, Guardian identified the top-selling 500 products in their outlets. In tandem, the company adopted three major principles for launching private label products -

The entire process of launching a private label product takes approximately three months. Guardian employs a team of pharmacists who prepare the formulations which are then sent to third-party pharmaceutical companies for production. Manufacturing is outsourced to companies that also produce products for some of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical space.

(Health and wellness products are named with the word Xtra, such as Xtra Protein, etc. Pharmaceutical products are named with the word Guard, such as DanGuard for anti-dandruff shampoo, etc.) The company plans to increase the number of private label products from the current level of 150 to 500 by 2010. Guardian plans to launch new products in new segments, in addition to adding further products to existing segments.

(Source: Primary research interview with Guardian Lifecare)



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