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Retailers have initiated innovative and tailored solutions to contain high attrition levels:

  • Some retailers realise that addressing the employees’ hygiene needs positively impacts staff engagement and commitment. These retailers provide uniforms, restroom facilities, canteens, dining areas, recreation rooms, etc.

  • Lateral movements are a popular way of addressing boredom among employees.

  • Some retailers encourage their staff to study further and are willing to pay the fees for their professional courses.

A view into the future

Some of the critical levers of workforce management in the retail sector, moving forward, include -

  • Creating a talent pool - Retail companies are developing strategies to ensure talent availability for future expansion across semi-urban and rural geographies. HR leaders are assessing the demand and supply for talent by geography and by establishing mechanisms to enhance talent in the sector:

    • Retailers will implement branding initiatives to position retail as an exciting and rewarding sector to work in

    • Retailers offer online certification courses for new hires to qualify for retail careers

    • Retailers are working with local, national and international educational institutes to develop retail specific management courses

  • Ensuring employee growth - Companies are identifying means of developing employees rapidly in order to meet hiring needs. Retailers are:

    • Using outsourcing services to meet training requirements

    • Creating infrastructure for in-house training

    • Identifying new and creative ways of delivering training in real time to employees as operations expand geographically

  • Retaining employees - As retailers expand operations across geographies, they will require resources to staff new outlets and to supervise operations. The retention of employees will be critical to successfully expand business operations. Employers are actively working towards employee retention programmes by:

    • Developing structured recognition programmes which are considered to be the best way of motivating employees and increasing loyalty

    • Enhancing rewards and employee growth programmes to recognize talent

    • Implementing HR programmes and policies (e.g., education support, succession planning and career pathing) which demonstrate a long-term focus and commitment to building employee capabilities and careers.

Strategic Issues for Retail CEOs* : Perspectives on Operating in India’s Retail Sector

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