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  • Encouraging consumers to buy company-branded linen bags or persuading them to bring their own bags by charging them for the purchase of plastic bags

  • Using recyclable paper billing roles and printing thermal bills which are 20 percent the size of A4 paper-based bills

  • Restricting the use of air conditioning in stores

  • Sponsoring green events (eg., concerts)

  • Introducing biodegradable packaging for products

Quick wins towards sustainability/green marketing

Here, we present a series of quick wins that retailers can embark upon in creating sustainable business practices-

  • Discourage plastics

    • Reduce the number of plastic bags given to consumers, and instead use paper/ jute bags

    • Encourage consumers to bring their own bags

    • Encourage consumers to purchase retailer-branded linen bags

    • Avoid excessive packaging and reduce the use of plastic as a packaging material

    • Introduce the use of biodegradable packaging for products

  • Printers, copiers and faxes

    • Minimal power consumption during operation and standby mode

    • Reduce the quantity of paper consumed, (i.e. two-sided copying/printing and multiple-page in one page copying/printing)

    • Use toner cartridges that have reusable and recyclable parts/raw materials

  • Paper usage

    • Use recyclable paper billing roles and print thermal bills

    • Separate and recycle various types of papers (copy paper, newspapers, magazines, corrugated cardboard, etc.)

  • Refrigeration/ Air conditioning

    • Minimum power consumption during operation and stand-by mode

    • Materials for refrigerants, insulators and foaming agents that have minimal effect related to ozone layer destruction and global warming

  • Creating awareness

    • Sponsoring the green events and offsetting the emission when organising events

    • Putting the sensitising taglines in the products (e.g., Think Climate – Wash at 300C.)



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