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Thank you to the voters for expressing your confidence in my ability to serve as Mayor. Thank you to all of those friends who gave their time and supported me during the campaign. Your help, whether it was holding a sign, taking a lawn sign, sending dear friend cards, making phone calls, making a donation are truly appreciated. I especially would like to thank a few people who showed the true meaning of friendship and loyalty during the campaign - Campaign manager Bill Pappalardo, Roy Cudmore, Doug Murphy, Larry Rideout, Paul Medeiros and Lori Medeiros. Also thanks to Mike McGovern who helped us develop and organize a winning game plan. My in-laws Eileen and Fred Perry for their continuous enthusiasm and support going back to my first campaign, when I was elected as Alderman of Ward Three. My brother Sean for his networking, encouragement and support in my various endeavors. To my mother for her unconditional love and generosity. I’m blessed to be your son. To my children, Kayla, Alexi, Robby and Mackenzie for the sacrifices they have made over the years. And last but not least to my wife Eileen, your patience, understanding, support, character, determination, sense of humor and love have shaped my life and made me who I am.

Congratulations to the elected members of the City Council. During your campaigns, each one of you demonstrated the hard work, commitment and passion for public safety that will serve you well, as the leaders of our great city

To the members of the School Committee, your dedication and advocacy for the educational needs of our children, is perhaps our most important job as elected officials.

I have been preparing to become Mayor of our great city for quite some time. Over the past sixteen years I have been privileged to serve on the City Council as the Alderman of Ward three. During that time I worked with four different Mayors. I have learned valuable lessons from each Mayor.

Although I only served with Mayor Rabbitt for two years, I was fortunate to observe his legendary ability to hold the line on spending and squeeze more out of a dollar than anyone thought possible. In addition, when Mayor Rabbitt wanted something done, it always got done. Among his numerous accomplishments, I will remember him as the Mayor who had the vision to connect Commerce Way to Route 93.

Mayor Dever understood the importance of upgrading and maintaining an aging infrastructure. He instituted a capital improvement plan, which included two new elementary schools and numerous water and sewer projects

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