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My Goal is to produce and deliver the cleanest best tasting water in the state, so that people do not feel the need to buy bottled spring water. To that end, we will continue our aggressive relining and replacement of all aged and corrosive water lines and mains.

As I mentioned earlier, we will invest in projects that lower our operating costs. Energy conservation projects are ripe for the picking and we will pursue these opportunities aggressively. We will also continue to explore ways to reduce our trash bill by encouraging more recycling.

Children are the most important resource we have to ensure our country’s future prosperity. We must do everything we can to give our children the skills they need to compete in a global economy.

I will work with Superintendant Donovan and the School Committee to provide the School Department with the funding necessary to develop these skills and to raise the educational standards for the city of Woburn.

In addition, we will continue the school building program and its goal of providing parity in the elementary schools to all students.

The Woburn Public Library is an architectural gem. However, it has become overcrowded with sections unusable due to non compliance with the A.D.A. The Trustees of the library have been working on solutions to solve these problems. I will support their efforts to develop a financially feasible solution to these problems.

Before I close, I would like to share my feelings with you about what it feels like for me, to be a Woburnite. Last night, my brother in law Danny and I were talking about our first experiences when we left Woburn and went off to college. Coincidentally, we both noted how people would react negatively when we said we were from Woburn. They always said something about the water or had some other degrading comment about Woburn. I was always offended by these insults because they did not know Woburn like I did. The Woburn I knew and loved gave me: The Tarky, Joyce and High School with dedicated teachers at each level. The Obrien Ice Rink, the Boys Club. Woburn Youth Hockey, Woburn Little League, Pop Warner Football and Babe Ruth where I made numerous friends and had coaches who became both role models and friends. Horn Pond, Winning Farm, Rag Rock. Ryan Park, Weafer Park, Leland, Ferullo and Gonsalves. Pond hockey on the Pitts and Walker’s Pond. The Woburn Country Club.

As you can see my affection for Woburn was from simple means. My pride in Woburn has grown stronger over the years, and if I could, I would bring those who snickered at

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