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  • 109.

    Berry GE, AdamsS, HarrisMB, BolesCA, McKernan MG, Collinson F, Hoth JJ, Meredith JW, ChangMC, Miller PR. Are plain radiographsof the spine necessary duringevaluation after blunt trauma?Accuracy of screeningtorso computed tomography in thoracic/lumbar spine fracture diagnosis. JTrauma 2005 Dec;59(6):1410-1413.

  • 110.

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  • 111.

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  • 112.

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  • 113.

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  • 114.

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  • 115.

    Champion HR, Mabee MS, Meredith JW. The state of UStrauma systems: public perceptionsversusreality—implicationsfor USresponse to terrorism and masscasualty events. JAm Coll Surg. 2006 Dec;203(6):951-961.

  • 116.

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  • 117.

    Meredith JW, Hoth JJ. Thoracic trauma: when and how to intervene. Surg lin North Am. 2007 Feb;87(1):95-118, vii. Review..

  • 118.

    Miller PR, Chang MC, Hoth JJ, HolmesJH 4th, Meredith JW. Colonic resection in the setting of damage control laparotomy: isdelayed anastomosissafe? Am Surg. 2007 Jun;73(6):606- 609; discussion 609-610.

  • 119.

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  • 120.

    Gayzik ES, Hoth JJ, Daly M, Meredith JW, titzel JD. A finite element-based injury metric for pulmonary contusion: investigation of candidate metricsthrough correlation with computed tomography. tapp Car Crash J. 207 Oct;51:189-209.

121. Hoth JJ, Hudson WP, Brownlee NA, Yoza BK, Hiltbold EM, Meredith JW, McCall CE. Toll-like receptor 2 participatesin the response to lung injury in a murine model of pulmonary contusion. Shock. 2007 Oct;28(4):447-452.

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