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TCCD will implement procedures for procurement of professional services that emphasize the inclusion of Small M/WBE firms.  TCCD will make the selection and award the contract for professional services on the basis of demonstrated competence and qualifications to perform the services.  The professional fees under the contract must be consistent with and not higher than the recommended fees published by the applicable professional standards and may not exceed any maximum provided by law.  

If a satisfactory contract cannot be negotiated with the most highly qualified provider, TCCD will formally end negotiations with that provider and select the next most highly qualified provider.  TCCD may continue the process to select and negotiate with providers until a contract is awarded.


1.In addition to the requirements set forth elsewhere, RFPs will include a statement of the Small M/WBE goal established for the project.  The requirements below also apply to circumstances where amendments or extra work give rise to new subcontracting/supplier opportunities.

2.RFPs and all other specifications for applicable contracts to be awarded by TCCD will require that Offeror make a good faith effort to sub-consult with, or purchase supplies from, Small M/WBE firms.  Such specifications will require Offeror to meet or exceed the stated goal and submit documentation of good faith effort for all applicable contracts to permit a determination of compliance with these specifications.

3.Professional services contracts and such other contracts, which may be competed for under sealed proposals procedures (estimated cost of $25,000.00 or more), will be awarded and administered in accordance with the following standards and procedures:

a.Other than responses to RFPs for professional services defined in Chapter 2254 of the Texas Government Code, responses to RFPs will be submitted by the proposal deadline date and include a section which identifies the Small M/WBE utilization plan.

The proposal will specify the estimated percentage of the Small M/WBE participation, type of work to be performed by the Small M/WBE, and additional information as required to determine the responsiveness to the RFP.

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