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A Proposer who does not meet or exceed the goal, as required by the RFP, must submit a good faith effort explanation.  Failure to include such good faith effort explanation will render the proposal nonresponsive.

b.The good faith effort documentation will demonstrate the Offeror’s commitment and honest efforts to utilize Small M/WBE firms.  The burden of preparing and submitting the good faith effort information is on the Offeror and will be evaluated as part of the responsiveness to the bid/proposal.  Information or facts intentionally and/or knowingly misrepresented on documentation submitted by Offeror will constitute a basis for classification as nonresponsive and possible debarment (and/or exclusion from future contracting opportunities).


In making a determination that the Offeror/Contractor/Vendor has made a good faith effort to meet the Small M/WBE goal, TCCD will consider, among other things, the criteria set forth below.  The Offeror/Contractor/Vendor will furnish, as a part of its Small M/WBE utilization information, specific documentation concerning the steps it has taken to obtain Small M/WBE participation with a consideration of the following factors:

  1. Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor attended any pre-bid or pre-proposal meetings scheduled by

      TCCD to discuss Small M/WBE participation opportunities;

              2. Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor advertised in general circulation, trade association, and/or  

                  Small M/WBE–focused media concerning subcontracting opportunities;

3.Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor provided written notice to a reasonable number of Small M/WBE firms that their interest in the contracts was being solicited in sufficient time to allow Small M/WBE firms to participate effectively;

4.Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor followed up with initial solicitations of interest by contracting Small M/WBE firms to determine with certainty whether the Small M/WBE firms were interested;

5.Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor selected portions of the work to be performed by Small M/WBE firms in order to increase the likelihood of meeting the Small M/WBE firms’ goal (including, where appropriate, breaking down the Contract into economically feasible subcontracts to facilitate Small M/WBE participation);

6.Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor provided interested Small M/WBE firms with adequate information about the plans, specifications, scope of work, and requirements of the contract;

7.Whether Offeror/Contractor/Vendor negotiated in good faith with Small M/WBE firms, not rejecting Small M/WBE firms as unqualified without sound reasons based on a thorough investigation of their capabilities;

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