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Guidance concerning Air Navigation in and above the NAT MNPSA


shall make a recommendation to the pilot-in command on whether to continue on to the destination, or the dispatcher will amend the release to allow the aircraft to proceed to an intermediate airport or return back to the departure airport. The pilot will then either confirm the new clearance with ATC or request a new clearance to another airport. The final decision rests with the pilot-in command.

OPTION 3 - if the pilot-in-command elects to follow Option (3), then when time permits, the pilot-in command will advise the dispatcher of any offset made from track or/and flight level. No action by the dispatcher is required since the effect on performance should be minimal.

Checklist for Aircraft Dispatch into NAT RVSM Airspace. The dispatcher must:

  • i)

    Determine the minimum and maximum flight levels plus the horizontal boundaries of NAT RVSM Airspace;

  • ii)

    Verify that the airframe is RVSM approved;

  • iii)

    Determine if any operating restrictions (e.g. speed or altitude limitations) apply to the aircraft for RVSM operation;

  • iv)

    Check the MEL for system requirements related to RVSM;

  • v)

    Check Field 10 (Equipment) of the ICAO ATS flight plan to ensure that it correctly reflects RVSM approval status. For North Atlantic operation, insertion of letter “W” indicates that the operator and aircraft are RVSM approved;

  • vi)

    Review reported and forecast weather en route, with specific emphasis on conditions such as turbulence, which may affect an aircraft’s ability to maintain its level; and

  • vii)

    Determine if TCAS/ACAS is operational.

Flight of non-RVSM compliant aircraft The dispatcher must comply with any ATS requirements regarding flight of non-RVSM compliant aircraft for maintenance, aircraft delivery or humanitarian flights (See Chapter 1, paragraph 1.6.2).

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