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Guidance concerning Air Navigation in and above the NAT MNPSA


For flights operating along the entire length of a NAT organised track, estimated elapsed times will be required for the commencement point of the track and for FIR boundaries.

For flights operating along the entire length of one of the PTS tracks, accumulated estimated elapsed times will be required for the commencement point and for each significant point of the track thereafter.

For flights operating along the fixed ATS route network between NAM/CAR, no EETs are required. Examples: EET/CAP0745 XYZ0830 EET/EISN0204

Notes: Elapsed times to the oceanic entry point (e.g. EGGX0105) are required by Shanwick, New York and Santa Maria OACCs only.


The registration markings of the aircraft, if different from the aircraft identification in Field 7. (Aircraft registration should be assigned to this field for MNPS flights)

Notes: If the aircraft registration is missing, or if it is different from that contained in the AFN CONTACT message, the ground system will not establish a CPDLC connection with that aircraft.

Hyphens contained in an aircraft registration must not be entered into the ICAO flight plan form.

SEL/ SELCAL code, if so prescribed by the appropriate ATS authority.

Note: As directed above, if no SELCAL code has been prescribed, this sub-field should be omitted rather than inserting such data as, e.g., SEL/NIL or SEL/NONE or SEL/ followed by no data.


Being a free text field, this is a useful sub-field for the inclusion of data only defined in particular regions (e.g. RMK/AGCS EQUIPPED RVR/800). Unrecogn¬ised sub-fields embedded within the RMK/ sub-field would simply form part of the remarks and would not be processed. Hyphens must not be used in this sub-field.


For flights intending to operate through the WATRS Plus Airspace RNP-10 or RNP-4 approval is required in order to benefit from 50NM lateral separation employed here. Any MNPSA aircraft intending to also fly in this WATRS Plus airspace should ensure that its RNP approval status is included in the flight plan. Annotate as NAV/RNP10 or NAV/RNP4 (see paragraph 4.1.12).

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