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Guidance concerning Air Navigation in and above the NAT MNPSA


This Document is for guidance only. Regulatory material relating to North Atlantic aircraft operations is contained in relevant ICAO Annexes, PANS/ATM (Doc.4444), Regional Supplementary Procedures (Doc.7030), State AIPs and current NOTAMs, which should be read in conjunction with the material contained in this Document.

This Document is primarily for the information of Aircraft Operating Agencies, Pilots and Dispatchers planning and conducting operations in or above the North Atlantic (NAT) Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS) Airspace. It is also expected to be useful to the State Regulators responsible for the approval/certification/or licensing of such aircraft operators, pilots or dispatchers. It forms a replacement for and augmentation of relevant guidance material previously contained in the “North Atlantic MNPS Airspace Operations Manual” and the ICAO “Guidance Material for Air Navigation in the North Atlantic Region (NAT Doc 001)”.

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This Manual has been produced with the approval and on behalf of the North Atlantic Systems Planning Group (NAT SPG); a North Atlantic regional planning body established under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). This Group is responsible for developing the required operational procedures; specifying the necessary services and facilities and; defining the aircraft and operator approval standards employed in the NAT Region. Further information on the functions and working methods of the NAT SPG, together with the NAT Regional Safety Policy Statement, are contained in the NAT SPG Handbook which is available from the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office website http://www.paris.icao.int/.

This Document can be accessed/downloaded from the ICAO European and North Atlantic Office website: http://www.paris.icao.int/. This website will also include, any noted post publication errata (changes) or addenda (additions) to the current edition. The Document will be reissued on a yearly basis in September. Details of additional Internet access will be promulgated through the Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) of NAT ATS Provider States.

Material, intended for the information of States of Registry and Aircraft Operating Agencies, dealing primarily with planning and management aspects of NAT MNPS operations, previously (prior to 2010) contained in ICAO ‘Consolidated Guidance and Information Material concerning Air Navigation in the North Atlantic Region’ (NAT Doc 001), has been incorporated into this Document. To assist with the editing of this Manual and to ensure the currency and accuracy of future editions it would be appreciated if readers would submit their comments/suggestions for possible amendments/additions, to the ICAO EUR/NAT Office at the above Email address.

The NATSPG has also commissioned the UK National Air Traffic Services to produce an interactive DVD ROM, “On the Right Track”, which contains general information on Air Traffic Control in the

NAT Doc 007


Edition 2010

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