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Guidance concerning Air Navigation in and above the NAT MNPSA


This is the first publication of this Document. It incorporates updated elements from Edition 2009 of the “North Atlantic MNPS Airspace Operations Manual” and relevant elements from the 7th Edition (2002) of the NAT Doc 001 - “Guidance and Information Material Concerning Air Navigation in the North Atlantic Region”. The Document’s format is based upon that of Edition 2009 of the Operations Manual. However, it includes the following content modifications and additions, most of the latter arising from the 7th Edition of Doc 001. Additionally, since Edition 2009 of the NAT MNPS Airspace Operations Manual was published, various other guidance material documents in the NAT Library have been designated as “NAT OPS Bulletins”. Mostly they provide detail in respect of specific elements of NAT operations. Some are copies or paraphrases of NAT ATS Provider State AIS. Since individual States must retain the prerogative to revise their AIS, as and when dictated by infrastructure developments, experience or changes to regulations, it has been determined that detailed information provided in these NAT OPS Bulletins should be omitted from this Document. The Document does, however, include references to these Bulletins where appropriate.

Content Modifications and Additions

The recommendations for Crew Training for NAT MNPS Airspace operations, as were contained in section 3.13 of Doc 001, are incorporated into Chapter 1 - “Operational Approval and Aircraft System Requirements for Flight in the NAT MNPS Airspace”.

Recommendations for the Presentation of Navigation Information contained in section 3.14 of Doc 001 are incorporated into Chapter 8 – “MNPS Flight Operation and Navigation Procedures”.

Elements of Part 4 of Doc 001 dealing with recommended procedures for the adoption by State Regulators in the granting of MNPS Approvals are incorporated into Chapter 1 – “Operational Approval and Aircraft System Requirements for Flight in the NAT MNPS Airspace”.

The contents of Parts 6 and 7 of Doc 001, dealing with Temporary Airspace Reservations, Formation Flying and Missile Activity in the NAT Region are of direct interest only to State or Military Aircraft Operating Agencies and to NAT ATS Providers. Consequently they are referenced only in passing in Chapter 1 of this Document. The future repository of the detail will be determined by the appropriate

competent authorities.

Part 8 of Doc 001 dealt with “Manned Balloon Flights in the NAT Region”.

Such flights are

specifically excluded from operating in NAT MNPS Airspace and each such flight must be meticulously co-ordinated far in advance with the relevant ATS Providers. Consequently only passing reference is made in Chapter 1.

Appendix A5 from Doc 001 - “VHF Air/Ground Communications Coverage Existing in the NAT Region at FL 300” is incorporated as Attachment 5 to this document.

This Document includes a separate Chapter 10 – “Monitoring of aircraft systems and crew performance”. This Chapter incorporates the contents of Sections 8.7 & 9.3 and Attachment 1 of Edition 2009 of the MNPS Airspace Operations Manual, together with further information on the Monitoring Methods employed and the Collision Risk Models used (including information from Appendix B and Appendix C19 of Doc 001).

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