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VII. Schedule



Assignment due

5/20 BB

Action Research Overview: Dependent and independent variables



What is epistemology and what if anything does it mean to you your work, and constructivism?

Read Influence of Philosophy; identify your problem statement as a “skeleton” in education

5/22- simulcast

Review syllabus, Discuss program outcomes, expectations, problem statement, and research questions of action research, APA PowerPoint presentation

Mills, Ch, 1 & 2

5/27 - BB

(see Principles of Community-Based Action Research), describe in a posting in your BlackBoard blog the variables that impact your action research problem

Mills, Ch. 3 & 4;

Powell et al. (2007)

5/28 - BB

describe in a posting in your Blackboard blog your area of focus/problem statement and rationale for selecting; provide feedback to the postings of two of your colleagues

5/29 -simulcast

Discuss Mills Chs. 1-4; Logic Model (See Sample Logic Model)

problem statement due in digital dropbox

6/03 - BB

Data Collection and Triangulation; Variables and Levels of Measurement; Mastering Statistics. Describe in posting in your blog your research question(s); provide feedback to two of your colleagues

Develop logic model using inspiration; Mills Ch. 6

6/04 - BB

Review Research Design and Mixed-Method Approach: A Hands-on Experience; Nonparametric Statistics; Inferential Statistics, In search of truth through quantitative reasoning.

Research question(s) due in Assignment area; Mills  Chs. 8-9

6/05 - simulcast

 Review research questions,  data collection methods, data analysis methods and, Discuss Chs. 6, 8, & 9.

Logic Model due in Assignment area

6/10 -BB

Outline for action research proposal

6/11 -BB

Review Unobtrusive Measures and

; Grounded Theory; Internal Validity, Construct Validity, External Validity, Conclusion Validity;

Alumna’s Action research report

6/12 - Simulcast

Explain in a oral presentation how your data collection and data analysis will answer your research questions;

Outline for action research proposal

EDU 6304 01, 61, 82 SS1 2008

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