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Students who withdraw from the institution must complete a withdrawal form.

Food and Drink in Classrooms – Absolutely no food and/or drink is permitted in this classroom at any time.

Work Ethics – The number 1 priority of Georgia’s employers is to improve the work ethics of present and future employees.  Business and industry leaders have identified essential work ethics that should be taught and practiced in order to develop a viable and effective workforce.  You will be evaluated and graded on the following ten work ethics traits: attendance, character, teamwork, appearance, attitude, productivity, organizational skills, communication, cooperation, and respect.

Warranty – OTC guarantees employers that graduates shall possess the skills and knowledge as prescribed by state curriculum standards.  Should any graduate within two years of employment be deemed lacking in said skills, the student shall be retrained in any technical institute at no charge for institutional costs to either the student or the employer.

Children on Campus - OTC is an adult-based postsecondary institution.  Students are not allowed to bring children to OTC or into the lab or classroom areas.   Children will not be left unattended in waiting automobiles, hallways, snack bars, or outside buildings.

Student ID’s - All students are required to have their student ID with them while on campus.  Student ID badges are to be worn at all times while on the OTC campus, in lab, and classroom areas

Online Library Orientation -- The Online Library Orientation can be found on the Library home page at www.okefenokeetech.edu/library/index.asp. Another way to access the library home page is to go to Okefenokee Technical College’s web page www.okefenokeetech.edu, then point to Academic Programs, and click on Library & Media Services. This is a great site to “get acquainted” with the OTC Library.

Group Emails - Okefenokee Technical College Global e-Mail is provided to OTC students as a vehicle for communication. Financial aid announcements, course announcements, online course information, student club information, and general OTC student information are communicated to students through student global e-mail accounts. Students should check their email daily to stay current. Directions for use are as follows:

What is my email address?

Check BannerWeb for email address. http://www.okefenokeetech.edu (click Banner Web Link on the left)

Log in to BannerWeb

Click on Personal Information

E. Murray - BUS 1130 - Syllabus - 201003


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