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Additional Symbols For Installation


    • Do not install or place unit on, over, or near combustible surfaces.

    • Do not install unit near flammables.

  • Do not overload building wiring be sure power supply system is properly sized, rated, and protected to handle this unit. FALLING EQUIPMENT can injure.

    • Use lifting eye to lift unit only, NOT running gear, gas cylinders, or any other accessories.

    • Use equipment of adequate capacity to lift and support unit.

  • If using lift forks to move unit, be sure forks are long enough to extend beyond opposite side of unit.

  • Keep equipment (cables and cords) away from moving vehicles when working from an aerial location.

  • Follow the guidelines in the Applications Manual for the Revised NIOSH Lifting Equation (Publication No. 94110) when manu- ally lifting heavy parts or equipment.


  • Allow cooling period; follow rated duty cycle.

  • Reduce current or reduce duty cycle before

starting to weld again.

  • Do not block or filter airflow to unit.

FLYING SPARKS can injure.

    • Wear a face shield to protect eyes and face.

    • Shape tungsten electrode only on grinder with proper guards in a safe location wearing proper face, hand, and body protection.

  • Sparks can cause fires — keep flammables away.

STATIC (ESD) can damage PC boards.

  • Put on grounded wrist strap BEFORE handling boards or parts.

  • Use proper static-proof bags and boxes to store, move, or ship PC boards.

MOVING PARTS can injure.

  • Keep away from moving parts.

  • Keep away from pinch points such as drive


WELDING WIRE can injure.

  • Do not press gun trigger until instructed to do so.

  • Do not point gun toward any part of the body, other people, or any metal when threading welding wire.

, Operation, And Maintenance

MOVING PARTS can injure.

    • Keep away from moving parts such as fans.

    • Keep all doors, panels, covers, and guards closed and securely in place.

  • Have only qualified persons remove doors, panels, covers, or guards for maintenance and troubleshooting as necessary.

  • Reinstall doors, panels, covers, or guards when maintenance is finished and before reconnecting input power.


    • Read and follow all labels and the Owner’s Manual carefully before installing, operating, or servicing unit. Read the safety information at the beginning of the manual and in each section.

  • Use only genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer.

  • Perform maintenance and service according to the Owner’s Manuals, industry standards, and national, state, and local codes.

  • H.

    F. RADIATION can cause interference.

    • High-frequency (H.F.) can interfere with radio navigation, safety services, computers, and communications equipment.

    • Have only qualified persons familiar with electronic equipment perform this installation.

  • The user is responsible for having a qualified electrician prompt- ly correct any interference problem resulting from the installa- tion.

  • If notified by the FCC about interference, stop using the equipment at once.

  • Have the installation regularly checked and maintained.

  • Keep high-frequency source doors and panels tightly shut, keep spark gaps at correct setting, and use grounding and shielding to minimize the possibility of interference.

ARC WELDING can cause interference.

    • Electromagnetic energy can interfere with sensitive electronic equipment such as computers and computer-driven equipment such as robots.

    • Be sure all equipment in the welding area is electromagneticallycompatible.

  • To reduce possible interference, keep weld cables as short as possible, close together, and down low, such as on the floor.

  • Locate welding operation 100 meters from any sensitive elec- tronic equipment.

  • Be sure this welding machine is installed and grounded according to this manual.

  • If interference still occurs, the user must take extra measures such as moving the welding machine, using shielded cables, using line filters, or shielding the work area.

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