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CasaTunes support for Apple iTunes and Apple iPod

again (regardless of your selection here). In order to access music files using a network share, the music files must have been added to your iTunes library using this network share. We recommend either you copy your iTunes music collection, or your iTunes music files reside on the CasaTunes music server. This ensures your iTunes music is always available, as well as providing a backup copy of your music files.

  • When copying music files, the first time you run the Synchronization process it

will take a long time. After the first synchronization has completed, subsequent synchronizations should be quick, depending on the amount of new music that has been added to the library since the last synchronization. If you are synchronizing multiple iTunes music collections, and the music collections contain many of the same music files, the same music file will be copied once only.

Synchronizing your Apple iTunes music collection

When you are finished installing CasaTunesSync for iTunes and every time you add music to iTunes on the client computer and you want the new music to appear in CasaTunes, you must synchronize the iTunes music collection. To synchronize your iTunes music collection:

  • 1.

    Start CasaTunesSync for iTunes

  • 2.

    Click on the Synchronize tab and click on the Synchronize button. The synchronization begins a three step process:

    • 1.

      Synchronizes the current Apple iTunes music collection against the previously synchronized library (if available). This is usually a quick process.

    • 2.

      If configured to copy music files, CasaTunesSync will copy any new music files to the CasaTunes music server. The amount of time this step takes is directly proportional to the number of music files to be synchronized.

    • 3.

      Synchronizes all album cover art. This is usually a quick process.

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