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CasaTunes support for Apple iTunes and Apple iPod


The popularity of Apple iTunes has made it the de facto music service for many homeowners. Integrating support for Apple iTunes is one of the many challenges facing multi-room audio vendors. The majority of today’s solutions indirectly support Apple iTunes by supporting iPod devices, and typically require the purchase of a proprietary iPod docking port. These solutions are limited to a single stream of music played from a docked iPod, and often provide a slow and rudimentary interface for selecting music from these devices.

CasaTunes offers a unique approach to this problem, providing first class support for both Apple iPod devices and Apple iTunes. CasaTunes allows you to listen to multiple streams of Apple iTunes and/or Apple iPod music.


The advanced capabilities of CasaTunesSync™ for iTunes enables you to consolidate all your iTunes Plus music residing on one or more Microsoft Windows networked PC’s in the home using your CasaTunes music server (at this time, music stored on Apple computers is not accessible). Since each family member typically manages their own iTunes music collection stored on their own laptop or desktop, CasaTunesSync for iTunes provides a solution for each family member to synchronize their music collection with the CasaTunes music server.

Once synchronized, these Apple iTunes Plus music collections can be played back throughout the home. CasaTunesSync for iTunes can be configured to either copy each iTunes music collection on to the CasaTunes music server, or to play the music directly from the shared computer. There are, however, two significant benefits of copying music collections to the CasaTunes music server. First, it allows your Apple iTunes Plus music collection to be played regardless of whether the PC that contains the copied iTunes Plus music is powered on and networked, and secondly, it provides a simple way to backup your Apple iTunes Plus music collection.

When selecting music to listen to from your Apple iTunes Plus music collections, you can configure CasaTunes to consolidate all your Apple iTunes Plus music into a single iTunes Plus library, or create multiple iTunes Plus libraries, one for each user.

iPod, iPod touch or iPhone

Rather than using CasaTunesSync for iTunes, you can choose to play back music directly from an Apple iPod, iPod touch or iPhone. With CasaTunes it is not necessary to purchase any additional proprietary docking stations or additional software. Simply plug the iPod or iPhone into a USB port on the CasaTunes music server PC using the USB to iPod cable that came with the device, and CasaTunes will automatically detect and allow music to be played from these devices.

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