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CasaTunes support for Apple iTunes and Apple iPod

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      In the iTunes Library Display Options select whether you want to display a single iTunes library in the CasaTunes User Interface, or whether you want to display a separate iTunes library for each client.

  • CasaTunes will create a network share (this means it will share the folder to all

computers on the local network) for the CasaTunesSync Folder. The name of the share it creates is CasaMusic. When this share is created it assigns permissions for the current user only. You may need to add other permissions for other users to access this share. If CasaTunesSync fails with an access denied failure, this is the most common cause.

  • The CasaTunesSync folder must reside on the CasaTunes music server machine for it

to be shared, i.e., it cannot be on a network attached drive.

  • When copying files, the synchronization software is smart about copying a single copy

of the same music file that may exist in multiple iTunes music collections.

This completes the CasaTunesSync music server configuration. The next step is to configure each CasaTunesSync client. In order to install the client, you will need to know the name of your CasaTunes music server PC. To find the name of a PC, right- click on the Computer icon and select Properties. In Windows XP, click on the Computer Name tab. In Windows Vista, the System window will come up; look in the “Computer name, domain and workgroup settings section. The computer name is the first part of the Full Computer Name (before the '.' if present).

Installing and Configuring the CasaTunesSync for iTunes client software

You install the CasaTunesSync client software from the web. The following assumes that iTunes is already installed on this client computer.

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    To install the client open your favorite browser and enter the following URL: http://www.CasaTunes.com/installsync.

    • This software is currently only available for Windows.

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    CasaTunesSync for iTunes is a published application. This means that every time

you start the CasaTunesSync application it automatically checks to see whether a new version of the application is available. If a new version is available you will be prompted whether you would like to update the application. If you select to update the application, the application is automatically updated before running it.

3. If you later decide to uninstall CasaTunesSync, open the control panel and select Add/Remove Programs (in Vista, select “Uninstall a program” in the “Programs”

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