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CasaTunes support for Apple iTunes and Apple iPod

section of the Control Panel. Locate the CasaTunesSync for iTunes application, click it, and select remove.

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    After installing the application, CasaTunesSync for iTunes is automatically started. When CasaTunesSync runs, it will automatically start iTunes (if iTunes is not already running), and automatically minimize iTunes once it has started. When iTunes starts, it occasionally displays a dialog, for example asking whether you would like to update the iTunes software. When iTunes displays a dialog, all applications that interface with iTunes, like CasaTunesSync, will be temporarily suspended, so you must respond to these dialogs before CasaTunesSync can start the synchronization process.

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    If this is the first time you have run CasaTunesSync, it should display the Settings tab as follows (if not, click on the Settings tab):

Figure 2 - CasaTunesSync Settings Tab

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    Enter the following information in the Settings tab.

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      Enter the name of the CasaTunes music server PC (where CasaTunes is installed). Do not include '\\' in the name.

b. Specify the name you want displayed in the CasaTunes User Interface. This name will be displayed in the Music Type area of the Music Select window in the CasaTunes user interface.

c. Select whether you want to copy your iTunes music files or access the music files from the client computer. If your iTunes music files are located on the CasaTunes music server PC, the files will not be copied

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