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wise alumni – where are they now? Michael Woll

If you’ve ever spent a meal at Camp Wise, it probably didn’t take long to deduct that the true sign of making it big in this world is having your own CW cheer. Maybe it was having his own cheer, or maybe it was feeling like camp was where he was the happiest in the world, but anyone who was at camp with Michael Woll in the 1980s and early 90s would agree that he was obviously destined for greatness, even back then.

spent the last ten years outfitting the stars in movies, television, and on Broadway. Some highlights include working on All My Children for five years and dressing Ethan Hawke in Henry IV on Broadway.

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“Camp Wise was a world that was completely different from anything I knew,” says Woll, who started at CW as a Chalutzimer in 1984. “I could be as outgoing as I wanted without being judged. I could be whoever I wanted to be and feel tremendous unconditional love from everyone around me.”

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and Michael Woll.

It was with this confidence he developed at Wise that Woll set out to take the theater world by storm. Holding to a promise made to his mother that he wouldn’t be an actor if he switched his major in college from business to theater, he chose fashion. He has been fulfilling his dream to work in the fashion world ever since– no shock to his fellow campers, who fondly remember Michael gracing the CW stage in a variety of over-the

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    top costumes! Now the Wardrobe

Supervisor for Blue Bloods, the new television series starring Donnie Wahlberg and Tom Selleck, Woll has

With his professional dreams realized, in the fall of 2009, Woll set out to make his personal childhood dream come true. “From the time I was little I was planning my wedding. I may not have known if I wanted to be the bride or the groom, but I knew I wanted to get married, and that I wanted it to be at Beth El in Akron.” As the location of almost every important family milestone including his parents’ wedding, his sister’s wedding, and his Bar Mitzvah, Woll says getting married there was his childhood wish. While Woll and his partner Greg Orenstein were officially married by a justice of the peace in Massachusetts, his wish came true when Rabbi Stephen Grundfast agreed to conduct their commitment ceremony as the synagogue’s first same-sex union. “The Rabbi and the synagogue were wonderful,” recalls Woll. “It was everything I could have imagined.”

Woll says that Camp Wise was without a doubt the place where he learned to be the kind of person who could go after his dreams and make them reality. “Camp taught me so much about being a leader, having a strong work ethic, and accepting others for who they are,” he says. “Most significantly, camp taught me to be the person I want to be, rather than letting myself be dictated by my environment.” Still to this day, he says his closest friends in the world are his camp friends. Woll says he can close his eyes and immediately be taken back to the feeling of stepping off the bus at camp as a camper. “I can close my eyes and still see everything,” he says. “And it still feels like coming home.”

Want to drop Michael a line? Email him at mh_9655@yahoo.com.

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