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Care of the Building You are not permitted to paint, nail, staple, screw or glue to any floor, pillar, ceiling or wall within the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Materials used in stand construction must not cause dampness or stain or be readily ignitable or be capable of emitting toxic fumes should ignition occur. Crepe paper, corrugated cardboard, straw, hay bayles, untreated Hessian, untreated material fabrics or PVC sheet (except on floors as a protective membrane) is strictly forbidden without the express approval of the Licensor. Sawdust, tan bark or wood chips of reasonable size may be used to decorate floors, provided a protective membrane is laid first and chips are kept slightly moist at all times. Protective sheeting must first be placed on the floor where turf, woodchips etc are used in the display. Heavy-duty ground sheets must be used if sand, soil or woodchips are to be unloaded on the dock area. Material must be heaped outside – adjacent to the loading dock doors – but clear of traffic. Any stands using these materials, are required to obtain approval from the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre in writing prior to the event. Please contact the Exhibitor Services Department on 03 9235 8110.

Any fabric used in the construction or decoration of a stand, including the stand ceiling, must be treated with a fire retardant. MCEC management will require proof of treatment.

Carpet The aisles will be carpeted prior to Move In. During stand construction and dismantling you must supply non-slip protective sheets to protect the aisle carpet tiles abutting your stand. Should you and/or your contracted freight company damage the carpet by driving over it, or the carpet is damaged from paint or oil spillage, you will be charged for the replacement of any damaged carpet tiles. Please note that SPACE only contracts do not include carpet. Only Pre-built packages include carpet.

Catering The Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre has sole catering rights for all food and beverage products. Exhibitors are not permitted to bring food and beverage into the MCEC from outside sources for catering purposes. To obtain more information on catering, including stand catering menus and wine lists, contact Exhibitor Services at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on 03 9235 8110.

One kiosk, located at the rear of the hall, will be open during Move In and all kiosks will be open during show hours.

Children Any person under the age of 15 years is prohibited from accessing MCEC loading dock & exhibition halls during move in and move out periods.

Cleaning of Stand During the show, only the exhibition aisles are cleaned daily. For a small fee, daily vacuuming of your stand can be arranged through Australian Security Services, please contact them on 1300 735 755.

Alternatively you may assume responsibility for cleaning your stand. Any items placed in the aisles during Move In or during the exhibition, will be deemed as rubbish and removed.

Compressed Air To connect to compressed air supply, exhibitors require a 15mm (½”) male connector to match a 15mm (female outlet) ball valve. Compressed air is of normal industrial quality. Regulators, filters and lubricators are to be provided by the exhibitor as required. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to arrange a licensed plumber for connection from the service pit to their equipment. If a constant supply of compressed air is required please complete the Water & Compressed Air order form. An access fee of $38.50 (inc GST) and a consumption fee of $22.00 (inc GST) per day applies to compressed air and $2.20 per 1000 litres or part thereof for water. This must be ordered at least two weeks prior to Move In. If you require this service please complete the UTILITY SERVICES FORM or contact Exhibitor Services at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 03 9235 8110 or email exservices@mcec.com.au for further details.

Not all stands have access to service pits. Please check with your EEA Sales Manager that your exhibition stand has direct access to a pit.

Concession Tickets Admission Concession tickets are provided for use by senior management and staff not working at the show, family, friends or VIP customers. Exhibitors will receive 10 complimentary passes by post prior to the event. Should you require further tickets these are offered to exhibitors at the cost of $5.00 each. PLEASE NOTE THAT EXHIBITOR BADGES ARE NOT TO BE GIVEN OUT TO FAMILY, FRIENDS OR VISITORS. Spot checks are conducted by security from time to time and to avoid embarrassment you should pre-order Concession Tickets. Please complete the ADMISSION CONCESSION TICKET ORDER FORM and forward all monies to Exhibitions & Events Australia. Tickets will not be issued until all outstanding monies are received.


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