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Display Height Structures exceeding the height of 2.4 metres (including walls & displays) must complete the CUSTOM BUILD STAND DESIGN FORM (located within the Compulsory Exhibitor Forms on the website), and send in your stand design to Jane Cavedon at EEA by email: janecavedon@eea.net.au. EEA also needs to be submit this information to the venue for approval.

To avoid unpleasantness on site, please consider the effect your display may have on neighbouring stands and discuss with them the design of your stand prior to move in. Exhibitors building walls above the standard height are required to finish the backs of those walls above 2.4m so as not to negatively impact upon neighbouring stands.

Exhibitor badges will display the company and employee’s full name and are not transferrable as they are only provided for those exhibitors actually staffing a stand on the day. These will be checked against the list provided by your company. Badges WILL be confiscated if used fraudulently.

Exhibitors may enter 30 minutes prior to the show opening each day, or earlier with approval from the Organiser. It is requested that early exhibitor arrivals go directly to their stand and not move around the exhibition hall.

During Move In and on Show Days, printed exhibitor badges can be collected from the Show Office.

You are requested to order the number of exhibitor badges required and provide names of all persons staffing your stand on the form provided. Generic badges will not be issued. If you require more than your set limit please submit a roster to verify that all people will be working on your stand to janecavedon@eea.net.au.

Exhibitor Admittance To assist exhibitor access before the show opens each morning, Door 1 on the concourse will be the sole exhibitor entrance and exit on show days from 8.30am until 10.00am.

During show hours, exhibitors may use the visitor entrances.









Exhibitor stand staff will be admitted on presentation Exhibitors must wear their badges at all times.


NOTE: ANY PERSON ARRIVING AT THE SHOW OFFICE, WITHOUT BEING LISTED AS AN EXHIBITOR, WILL BE REQUIRED TO PAY A $5.00 ADMINISTRATION FEE TO RECEIVE A NEW EXHIBITOR BADGE. Any person requesting entry and not staffing a stand will be directed to the public entrance and can use a discount admission concession pass if previously obtained or will be charged at full ticket price form the ticket booths on the concourse.

BADGE ENFORCEMENT – the abuse of handing out badges to non-working staff will be enforced in 2011, with security running spot checks at key entry points. Badges to non-working staff will be confiscated and the exhibiting company banned from exhibiting in future events

Area of Stand

Number of badges Issued

Up to 20m²

6 Badges

21m² - 50m²

10 Badges

51m² - 100m²

12 Badges

Over 100m²

18 Badges

To order exhibitor badges please complete EXHIBITOR BADGE FORM located within the Exhibitor Compulsory Forms on the website.

The total stand area for your company determines the number of Exhibitor Badges. Please refer to your contract to check your stand size. If the number of badges is not sufficient for your needs, please contact us 4 weeks prior to the show to discuss. Extra badges will not be issued without authorisation. EXHIBITOR BADGES WILL NOT BE

MAILED OUT. Please Note:

Exhibitor badges cannot be collected until all outstanding monies have been paid to Exhibitions & Events Australia, including stand payments, sponsorship, concession passes etc.

Collect From: Between:

Show Office, Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre, Door 1. Monday 15 - Wednesday 17 August 2011


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