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Exhibitions & Events Australia Pty Ltd

Exhibitor Risk and Safety Plan


General Overview


Safety Policy




Exhibitor Special Conditions


Specific Work Practices




1.0 General Overview Exhibitors are a valued member within the Exhibitions & Events Australia Event Management Program and therefore we are committed to ensuring that our exhibitions are a safe environment for our exhibitors, their staff and contractors throughout the move in - move out stages of the exhibition.

Exhibitions & Events Australia considers that accidents, injuries and incidents can be prevented through appropriate management and planning and accordingly we have developed policies and procedures that aim to protect the health and safety of all.

To ensure that risks at Exhibitions & Events Australia events are controlled it is a requirement for Exhibitors to read the contents of the Exhibitor Risk and Safety Plan and induct their staff and contractors on the requirements prior to commencement of the move in stage.

These guidelines are not intended to be exhaustive nor are they a substitute for or a replacement of exhibitors or contractors own safety policies and procedures.

It is the responsibility of the exhibitor, contractor and/or agent to comply with the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, Health and Safety Regulations, other applicable rules and regulations and work practices.


Safety Policy

The Safety Policy at Exhibitions & Events Australia shall ensure a workplace that is safe and without risk to the health and welfare of our employees, exhibition suppliers and to the people affected by our undertakings, including visitors and exhibitors. The well being of people employed at work, or people affected by our work, is of paramount concern.

Exhibitions & Events Australia will seek to undertake continuous improvement in safety performance, taking into account staff needs and liabilities, and management business practices.

The objectives of Exhibitions & Events Australia ’s safety policy are to:

  • Achieve an accident free workplace;

  • Comply with the requirements of safety Acts, Regulations, Codes and relevant industry standards;

  • Make safety an integral part of every position;

  • Ensure safety is considered in all planning and work activities;

  • Involve employees in the decision making process through a continuous program of communication,

consultation and training;

  • Manage hazards in the workplace through the implementation of a risk management program; and

  • Provide effective injury management and return to work for all employees.

The success of Exhibitions & Events Australia s safety management can be measured through the following performance indicators:

  • Activities are planned and analysed with due consideration given to implementing appropriate safety controls;

  • Open and honest communication occurs between management and employees and is recorded;

  • Regular workplace inspections are undertaken and any unsafe hazards are investigated and dealt with;

  • Contractors, suppliers, exhibitors and visitors are informed of the company’s safety requirements; and

  • Contractors, supplier, exhibitors and visitors undertake to report all incidents or hazards they become aware of.


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