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Management Management will actively pursue the objectives of this policy through:

  • The development and maintenance of a comprehensive safety program that extends to our Events and Exhibitions;

  • Regularly reviewing the safety performance in consultation with employees, venues and suppliers;

  • Effective actions that provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, suppliers, exhibitors and contractors.

Employees/Contractors/Visitors Every employee is required to:

  • Comply with safe work practices and instructions;

  • Perform all duties in a manner that is without risk to themselves or to others;

  • Report work environments, procedures or practices they consider to be unsafe; and

  • Co-operate with management to ensure that they meet their legal obligations relating to safety.


  • Each supplier/exhibitor is required to ensure that the intent and requirements of the Exhibitions & Events Australia safety policy and risk and safety plan are effectively met and implemented in their areas of control, and to support any subordinates and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities, including sub-contractors.

3.0 Responsibilities Exhibitors are required to:




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Ensure that persons in their employment and others that may be affected by their actions and omissions are not at risk to their health and safety; Ensure that relevant risk assessments have been carried out in relation to your own stand/area during move in and move out; Co-operate/co-ordinate with the Exhibitions & Events Australia’s Event Manager and contractors on site to ensure risks are controlled, eliminated and/or isolated; Ensure that workman/contractors are both competent and following safe systems of work. Seek advice where necessary from the on site health and safety official, this will enable you to comply with

the relevant statutory provisions.

Exhibitors / Contractors are to ensure:

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Work is to be carried out by a licensed trade’s person as appropriate. Risk assessments and work method statements are prepared detailing safe methods of work are completed. That risk assessments and method statements are produced in pre-show meetings. Compliance with Safety Legislation, during move in and move out and comply with all legal requirements that are relevant to their operation. The competence of employees and sub-contractors to carry out the designated work.

Exhibitors Stand Designers:



Must be competent and have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience pertaining to stand design backed up by the relevant qualifications. Ensure that erection and maintenance of the design, has the ability to be carried out safely and in

accordance with the relevant legislations by the contractors in the time available.

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Exhibitor Special Conditions Strictly NO CHILDREN (under 15) or ANIMALS in the halls during move in and move out Wearing a SAFETY VEST and COVERED IN SHOES is COMPULSORY Ensure your people including contractors wear them during the move in and move out Zero tolerance ALCOHOL during move in and move out 3 Report unsafe work practices to the Operations/Group Manager

On site Safety Rules




No children under 15 years of age are allowed on the premises (either the Hall or Dock areas) during move in or move out. It is compulsory that ALL contractors, exhibitors and their staff wear safety vests and covered in shoes during move in & move out. NO ALCOHOL to be consumed during move in or move out.


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