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Third Grade Lesson Four

  • D.

    Discuss how the influences of climate, culture and technology, as well as history, have determined different shapes and structures for human comfort:

    • 1.

      Ice for igloos is readily available in Arctic regions and provides insulation from cold and shelter from winds;

    • 2.

      Thick clay provides insulation from heat in hot areas;

    • 3.

      Walls of woven leaves and fibers provide ventilation in tropical regions;

    • 4.

      Wood (lumber) is plentiful in many regions, easily harvested and easily assembled into buildings, including log houses;

    • 5.

      Construction of ancient structures depended on human and animal labor;

    • 6.

      Historically, some tribes used natural forms for their homes – rocks and caves that were ideal for nomadic lifestyles, readily obtainable and low main- tenance;

    • 7.

      Technological changes have had great influence on materials used for build- ing structures, such as the development of iron and then steel that allowed larger buildings to be built more quickly;

    • 8.

      Materials previously unavailable became available with innovations in transportation.

  • E.

    Using the “Sample Housing Region Chart” and “Examples of Sub-Categories” (included):

    • 1.

      Review the various regions of the United States, e.g., West Coast, Southwest, Midwest, Southeast, Northeast, etc. Ask students to think about other parts of the U.S., and the world as well, and add them to their own Housing Region Chart. Have students review examples of sub-categories climate, cultural types, building materials and housing types and expand the list. Then have students fill in the blanks on the chart for each region listed.

    • 2.

      Follow-up activity: Lead a discussion on how technology has changed histori- cal regional/cultural housing types, e.g., new types of materials, transporta- tion, availability of materials.


A. Review the completed charts as a group.

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Lesson 4

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