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Third Grade Lesson Five


  • A.

    Explain that most houses are not isolated but are connected to their surround- ings. The connections may be visual – looking in and out through the windows – or may be functional. Functional linkages may exist through connections of side walls, the existence of a street network or through public utilities that link houses to be part of an entire community and city.

  • B.

    List on the chalkboard the purposes of a window. These include looking in and looking out, allowing fresh air into a room, as well as other ways of linking the interior and exterior of a house.

  • C.

    Discuss the importance of the window and its functions. What functions are missing if a room is lacking a window? For example, without windows, people cannot see outdoors from the inside or look into a home from its exterior. When looking in, we see a closed and confined space. When looking out through the same window, we see a very different scene – natural light and more open spaces. With- out a window, a ventilation/fan system may be used to air out a room.

  • D.

    What other aspects of the home share similar “in/out” relationships? What important functions are accomplished with the use of phone lines or water pipes? Phone lines enable people to talk with others no matter where they may be. How can we talk to others who are far away without phone lines? Water pipes enable us to cook, clean, bathe, heat our homes, etc. How would we get water in and out of our homes without water pipes?

  • E.

    Discuss public utilities that come to most homes:

    • 1.

      Telephone lines

    • 2.

      Water lines

    • 3.

      Sewer lines

    • 4.

      Electrical lines

    • 5.

      Gas lines

  • F.

    Discuss alternatives to public utilities:

    • 1.

      Telephone lines – cellular phones

    • 2.

      Water lines – wells dug in the ground

    • 3.

      Sewer lines – septic fields

    • 4.

      Electrical lines – windmill power, solar power, generator

    • 5.

      Gas lines – fireplace heating, geothermal heating

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3 Grade

Lesson 5

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