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Third Grade Lesson Six

    • 3.

      Discuss how customs changed as generations passed. Homes no longer had to be moved due to climate or food as with nomadic tribes. Now, families move due to job changes or the desire to have a larger home or different type of home.

    • 4.

      How did inventions change homes? The invention of plumbing changed the kitchen and bathroom. The invention of electricity eliminated oil lanterns and added other conveniences. Ask students if they can think of any other modern conveniences that have changed homes (hint: plumbing, window glass, furnaces, air conditioning, etc.). When sawmills were invented, people were able to build with wood boards, which are easier to handle than logs. What other inventions have changed homes?

  • B.

    Pass out Room/Activity Chart and ask each student to write some of the activities that occur in each room of a house.

  • C.

    After each student’s list is established, pair up the areas with various unsuit- able activities (examples: bathroom - chop vegetables; dining room - take a bath; garage - eat a meal; kitchen - fix a bike) and ask students why these ac- tivities are not suitable for that room. (Example: The kitchen is not suitable for fixing bikes because counters need to be kept clean for preparing food) .

  • D.

    Have the students discuss the reasons each room is used for its particular function. (The dining room has a table and chairs that make eating a meal easy; the bathroom has a bathtub, running water and privacy).

  • E.

    Ask the students to compare the way they use these rooms with people who live in other parts of the world.

F. As homework, have each student take home a blank copy of the chart. The students should ask their parents, grandparents or guardians if they use or have used any of these rooms for a different purpose than the usual and fill in the chart accordingly. (Example: Some grandparents who lived in a different country may not have had indoor plumbing, affecting the manner in which they used their kitchen and/or bathroom).


A. Students turn in homework assignment charts, which are evaluated for completeness.

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3 Grade

Lesson 6

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