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Third Grade Lesson Seven

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    Tell the students to describe their own “center” of the home. What makes it a special space? Is it the view from the windows, the way it looks, the sounds they hear or the quiet of the room, the presence of others, or the cooking aromas? Ask the students how they feel when they are in their center of the home.

  • C.

    Tell the students they are going to draw several pictures of their home showing the view as if they were flying above in a helicopter and looking straight down at the floor. The teacher should offer help as students work on their drawings. For their first picture, the students should begin by drawing the “center” of their home, showing the walls, doors, windows and furniture. What shape is the room? Give each student a copy of the sample floor plan diagram (included) to use as a reference when doing the drawings. Tell them their home will not look exactly like the home in the sample floor plan diagram but should follow its format.

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    Once everyone has drawn a floor plan of the “center” of his/her home, tell the students they will draw a second floor plan showing the surrounding rooms. Do the rooms connect through the doors? Do they have windows or doors to the outside? Is there a second floor with a stairway up from the first floor?

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    Encourage students to talk about how they access various rooms. For example, “I walk through the dining room to get to the kitchen,” or “The bathroom is down the hallway.” Have the students label each room with its name. Also have them add some furniture to the drawing.

F. Give the students a piece of grid paper and ask them to take their drawings home with them that night. For homework, have them draw a new drawing of their home from observation rather than from memory.


A. Students’ floor plans should include a representation of their home, including standard rooms (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) along with doors, windows and furni- ture. Assess the drawings done at home as compared with the drawings done from memory at school. Are the drawings done at home more complete? Did the in-school drawings indicate a good recollection of the actual home floor plan?

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3 Grade

Lesson 7

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