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Third Grade Lesson Eight

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    To begin, tell each student to think about what types of rooms will be in the home and how large these rooms will be. They can add whatever types of rooms they want. Will they be small, medium or large? Explain that the “My Building Program” chart (included) is a list showing rooms and their sizes that will aid in the design of the actual home. The student should include the name of each room, its size (small, medium or large) and what furniture should go in the room. Students may add additional rooms to the chart.

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    Remind the students to be creative in thinking about the rooms for their home. Perhaps they want a special room, like a “music listening “ room or a “video game” room, that is different from the usual rooms in a home.

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    Ask students to draw a freehand sketch (not using rulers) of the rooms in the home they are designing. Decide how these rooms will be organized. What room will be the first all will see when they walk in the front door? Think about how to get from one room to another – through doors or a hallway.

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    Students also can cut out construction paper circles and ovals and label each with a name of one of their rooms. This will help the students plan the different room locations by moving the labels around until they are happy with the room arrangement.


A. Compare the Building Program to the freehand sketches drawn. Does the free- hand sketch show an understanding of the room sizes and relationships?

B. Rooms listed on the Building Program should be included on the final sketches.

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3 Grade

Lesson 8

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