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Third Grade Lesson Nine


  • A.

    The teacher explains to the students that, using the freehand sketch made in Lesson No. 8 as a reference, they will now redraw their house design using grid paper, a ruler and straight lines, indicating windows and doors even more clearly. They will figure one grid as 1 foot of measurement, so by counting grids they will know how large to make a room or a piece of furniture.

  • B.

    Discuss with students the architectural components of a room. Using the classroom as an example, discuss how floors, walls and ceilings enclose a room. Talk about how doors allow people to get in and out of rooms and how windows let in light and fresh air from the outside. Also, discuss the hallway outside the classroom. Note how, sometimes, hallways are needed to get from one room to another.

  • C.

    Show students the example of a floor-plan diagram (included). Have students use their freehand sketch design from Lesson No. 8 to draw a more organized plan on grid paper. Explain that the bottom of the page is where the front of their house should be located. Using the freehand sketch, students should draw the same relationships among the rooms, using “wall” lines drawn in pencil around the exterior of the rooms. Help students understand they may need a hallway to get to some of the rooms. Ask students to label the rooms.

  • D.

    Then ask the students to insert doors and windows by either drawing a double line or erasing part of the wall line. Windows should be located on the outside walls. Tell students they have just drawn what is called a “floor plan.”

  • E.

    Using the floor plan included, show students how they may “walk” through the house and look out the windows. Encourage students to show their plans to the class and discuss how they can imagine “walking through” their house using doors and hallways. Also have them indicate where they can look out of windows.

  • F.

    If desired, the students also can draw furniture on their floor plans.

  • G.

    Each student should explain his or her floor plan to the class.


A. Students should demonstrate an understanding of a floor plan. Evaluate student participation in discussion, particularly their ability to walk through their home indicating doors and windows.

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3 Grade

Lesson 9

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