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Third Grade Lesson Ten

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    Discuss the types of materials students might choose for the outside of the homes they are designing. Such materials can include brick, stucco, wood, alu- minum siding or stone. Also, discuss size and types of windows, as well as the rooms in which they will be located.

  • C.

    The teacher should ask students to think about the shape of the roof for the house they are designing, pointing out the various roofs on the buildings in the photographs (included). Do they prefer high, pitched roofs or low, flat roofs? Explain that pitched roofs are used because they allow rain and snow to easily drain off the roof. Flat roofs on homes may be more common in desert areas.

  • D.

    Ask the students to think about what they want the front, side and rear views of their houses to look like. These are called the “elevations.” Each elevation shows the outside wall with windows and doors, as well as any other feature that is on that wall, such as planters and porches.

  • E.

    The teacher hands out each student’s floor plan from Lesson No. 9. Give the students grid paper, rulers, and pencils and/or markers in various colors. The students are then instructed to draw a picture of each of the “elevations” of their house design, making sure windows and doors are shown, as well as the selected exterior materials for the house. Students also should be given the op- portunity to draw gutters, downspouts, chimneys, porches and any other house details they want to include.

F. After each student has completed his/her drawing, he/she should describe it to the class. The class can invite parents for a special evening, where all of the final house plans and elevations are put on display.


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    The teacher reviews how each student was able to develop the building elevations from the floor plan of the previous lesson, and how well the building elevations are developed to show windows, doors, etc.

    • B.

      The teacher should also evaluate how well each student was able to concep- tually analyze his/her own home design.

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