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When students are in year 11, they need to choose two groups, one is a Science group and another one is a Social Science group. Chinese, Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Earth Science are the main subjects for the Science group students. Chinese, Maths, English, History, Geography, the three principles of the people are the main subjects for the Social Science group. Most parents and students want to choose the Science group, because students will get more chances in the future.

Just like Japan, Taiwan is a small island and poor in natural resources. So our government really cares about how to keep our competition in technology and electric equipment. They think the only resolution is to educate in this way. But many parents are critical that high school students are like test-machines; they do not have much time to read novels or they can not use their time well. Furthermore, many parents believe all the students are separated into science group and social science group too early; some of them do not even have a direction for the future.

I will always remember my time at PHSC. This school not only teaches me lessons but also reminds me something that I have lost when I was young. Growing means gaining, but unfortunately teenagers keep losing skills as they grow up because they have to choose fewer subjects. For me, I had learned piano and ballet, but I quit them after year 5 because I needed to prepare for a lot of examinations. Now I envy Australians teenagers who can play many instruments and develop their own interests in high school time. Sometimes I ask myself, can your textbooks solve your emotional problems? Do you think those subjects are useful when you grow up? Are you really enjoying what you have chosen? What is the value of YOU? And, which things will stay besides you in your eternal life?

Letters from Italy

‘What this year we have done with the Australian students for me it has been indeed a beautiful experience. A trip of eighteen days that it has not only allowed me to know the different style of life, the different habits and people and new places, but it has also been me useful as personal growth. I would never have believed to succeed in passing so many days away from my affections and the time flew me instead. I have lived two weeks in a fantastic family (nice, sociable, always happy...) and I have appreciated a lot the great availability that they have had in our comparisons. Very polite people that have not made us missing nothing. In the scholastic circle I have had the opportunity of knowing something more and I have seen a notable difference In conclusion I can say that this trip will remain in my heart and that I will

remember forever it. An experience of this kind happens only one time in the life and I am very happy to have lived it with my classmates because somehow it has tied even us more. ‘


Congratulations to Lorelei Camboni

for coming 2nd in the Op Shop Fashion parade held at Revolver in Chapel Street. Lorelei’s garment was modelled by Chloe Stevens. Gina Maxwell

Junior Girls Footy

Last Tuesday was the Junior Interschool Football Competition. Most girls played their first ever competitive game and many will no doubt become "super stars" of the future (Just like their coach was!!!) We played McRob Girls in the first match and lost by 3 goals which was a sterling

performance against Year 9 combination.

their very strong Melbourne Girls

and powerful College were










second match and they defeated us by last game against Uni High was a Despite enormous perserverence and

4 goals. The "nail biter". tenacity, we

were narrowly defeated by Congratulations to all the

3 points. girls for



contributions on the day. A special thanks helpers and umpires who are listed below.



The contribution of the following players deserves special mention.

TIGER DURIE made a stunning debut for the school. Her ability to read play and create opportunities for others was inspirational. She had a busy day "burrowing" into the packs and surprised many opposition players with her tenacity, determination and stamina. The "Blond Flash" will no doubt have talent scouts knocking on her door!!!

LIA PASA was a "feisty", determined stoic defender. She made it very difficult for opposition players to break free due to her tenacious a ferocious "run, chase, tackle, throttle" style of play!!!!!

NAKITA HILL demonstrated very "silky" , smooth , precise skills in the centre. Her 100 metre dash after scoring our first goal is sure to rival any celebrations we will see over next month while the World Cup is on!!!!!!!

LISA HAYWOOD roved for most of the day and was a stylish and tireless contributor. Well done.

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