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Academic Integrity: The FLVS Non-Negotiable

Academic Integrity: An Overview

Academic integrity is the cornerstone of learning at Florida Virtual School (FLVS). Because of its preeminence in all of our instruction, there are a variety of tools that we use in ensuring the integrity of student work.

Among these tools are:

  • Turnitin.com

This Internet tool compares student work against a variety of databases. The FLVS Learning Management System is now integrated with Turnitin.com, and most work is automatically uploaded to the system. This database compares students’ work against other students’ work, as well as work found on the Internet.

  • Academic Integrity Database

FLVS maintains its own database of student integrity incidences or violations. This database is used to monitor the number of student integrity issues.

  • Teacher Expertise

FLVS instructors have extensive classroom experience. Their expertise is often a guide in identifying the level of originality in student work.

  • Discussion Based Assessments

Each teacher regularly conducts discussion based assessments with his or her students. These conversations occur at specific intervals as well as randomly in a course and are included in the assessment component of each course. The teacher discusses individual student work and extends the conversation to allow the student to demonstrate mastery of the content and to verify the authenticity of the student’s work.

  • Proctored Exams

Each faculty member can request a proctored exam at any time for a student. All students agree to take a proctored exam when they register to take our courses. In order to complete the course the student must pass the proctored segment exam with a 60% or greater on the first attempt.

  • Random Proctored Exams

Students are randomly chosen to take a proctored exam. For more information please visit http://www.flvs.net/myFLVS/student-handbook/Pages/AcademicIntegrity.aspx

  • Academic Integrity Hotline/Email

Community members, guidance counselors, parents, and students can call or email any academic integrity-related issue anonymously.

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