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Academic Integrity: The FLVS Non-Negotiable

Customer Grievance Procedures

(or how to voice your concerns)

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) is committed to providing personalized instruction for every student. These are our core beliefs:

  • Every student is unique, so learning should be dynamic, flexible and engaging.

  • Studies should be integrated rather than isolated.

  • Students, parents, community members, and schools share responsibility for learning.

  • Students should have choices in how they learn and how they present what they know.

  • Students should be provided guidance with school and career planning.

  • Assessments should provide insights not only of student progress but also of instruction and curriculum.

Every staff member at FLVS is committed to providing the most engaging experience possible. However, there may be times when a student, parent, or legal guardian may have a concern. Most problems can be solved if student or parent/guardian speaks directly with the instructor or staff member involved.

If a student feels uncomfortable speaking with his or her instructor, our Customer Care Representatives are available to serve you. They can be reached at (407) 513-FLVS. Our Customer Care Representatives will forward your concern to an appropriate member of our instructional support team. This team consists of School Counselors and Instructional Leaders among others.

The Instructional Leader (IL) serves our students like a principal. Consequently, the Instructional Leader will make every effort to resolve your problem. In the event that a solution is not found, you (or your representative) may file a grievance. The written grievance should contain the following information:

  • Name of the student

  • Name of the instructor or staff member

  • Date of the grievance, dispute, or dissatisfaction

  • Desired outcome

The written grievance should be addressed and submitted to the Instructional Leaders’ supervisor, the Director of Instruction, who will work to resolve the issue. The Director of Instruction will send written correspondence to the student/parent/guardian within 72 hours.

In the event the Director of Instruction cannot resolve the disagreement, the grievance will be forwarded to the Chief Learning Officer or Chief Executive Officer. The decision of the Chief Learning Officer or Chief Executive Officer is final and shall be given to the customer in writing within 72 hours. The Board of Directors of Florida Virtual School will be informed when an issue arises from the grievance that may affect FLVS policy and/or community relations.

Implementation of this procedure does not prevent FLVS from taking any necessary action to protect an individual from physical or mental harm, neglect, or abuse.

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